Samsung Lamps

$79.99, 6 Month Warranty.

AA47-00003A for models: SLK407WX, PLH403WS3X, PLK435WSX/XAA, PLK405WX, PLH403WX, PLH403WS3

BP96-00224A for models: HLM437WX, HLN5065W, HLM507WX, HLN507WX, HLN567WX, HLN4365W
BP96-00224B for models: HLN617WX

BP96-00224C for models: HLN507W1X, HLN4365W1X, HLN5065W, HLM507WX, HLN437W, HLN4365W, HLP4674, HLN617W1X, HLM5065W, HLM5065WX, HLN5065W1X
BP96-00224D for models: HLM437WX, HLN5065W, HLN567WX, HLM507WX, HLN507WXBP96-00224E = HLN617WX, HLM617WX

BP96-00224H for model HLN437W1X
BP96-00224J for models: HLM437WX, HLN567WX, HLN507WX, HLP5674, HLM4365W, HLP4674WX, HLP4663WX, HLP5674WX, HLR4677WX/XAA, HLR5677WX/XAA
BP96-00497A for models: SP50L2HX1X
BP96-00608A for models: HLP5663WX
BP96-00677A for models: HLR5087WX, HLP5685W, HLP5085WX, HLR5687WX/XAABP96-00823A = HLR4667WAX, HLP5063WX, HLR5667WAX, HLR4667WX
BP96-00826A for models: HLR5067WAX, HLP5067WX/XAA, HLR5064WX, HLR4264WX, HLR4664WX  HLP4663WX, HLR6167WAX, HLP5663WX, HLP4667WX/XAA, HLP6163WX,HLR6167WX, HLR4266WX, HLP5063WX,HLP6167WX/XAA, HLR4667WX,  HLR5067WX, HLR5667WX
BP96-01073A for models: HLR5067WAX, HLR5656WX, HLR6167WX, HLR5667WX, HLR6167WAX,  HLR5067WX,HLR6178WX/XAA, HLR5667WAX, HLR4266WX, HLR5678WX/XAA, HLR6156WX, HLR5668WX/XAA, HLR6168WX/XAA, HLR5056WX/XAA, HLR5078WX/XAA
BP96-01099A for models: HLR6178WX/XAA, HLR5656WX, HLR6167WAX, HLR5667WAX, HLR5678WX/XAA, HLR6156WX, HLR6767WAX, HLR6768WX/XAA,  HLR7178WX, HLR5668WX/XAA
BP96-01394A for models: PT50DL14X, HLR4667WAX
BP96-01403A for models: HLR4667WX
BP96-01415A for models: HLR5688WX/XAA
BP96-01472A for models: HLS6167WS, PT50DL24X, HLS7178WX, HLS5088WX, PT61DL34X, HLT5055WXHLS5688WX, HLS6188WX, HLT6156WX, HLS4666WX, HLS5066WX, HLS6165WX ,HLS6167WX, RPT50V24DX, HLS5666WXXAC
BP96-01653A for models: HL50A650, HLT4675SX, HLT5675SX, HLS4676SX, HL61A650C, HLT5075SX
BP96-01578A for models: HLS5686WX, HLS5087WX, HLS5065WX, HLS4266WX, HLS5086WX, HLS5687W, HLS6767WX, HLS6186WX/XAA, HLS6186W, HLS6187WX
BP96-01653A for models: HL50A650, HLT4675SX, HLT5675SX, HLS4676SX, HL61A650C, HLT5075SX
BP96-01795A for models: HLT5676SX, HLT5076SX, HLT6176SX 

JVC Lamps

$79.99, 6 Month Warranty.

TS-CL110UAA for models: HD52G657, HD52G887, HD56G657, HD56G887, HD61G787, HD56GC87,                         HD52Z585PA, HD567BP6, HD55GC86, HD55G456, HD52G787, HD56G647, HD56G787, HD61G657, HD61G887, HD52Z575PA, HD61G587, HDP70R1U, HD52G456, HD55G466, HD70A478, HD52G587, HD52G786, HDP61R2U, HD61Z786, HD52G886, HD61Z576, HD61Z575, HD52Z585, HD52G566, HD52G587B, HD527BP7, HD56G886, HDP70R2U, HD61Z886, HD70G886, HD61Z585, HD52Z575, HD52G586, HDP61R1U, HD61Z456, HD56FH97, HD56FN97, HD61FH97, HD70FH97, HD70G887, HD56FB97, HD56FH96, HD70FH96, HD56FC97,  HD70FN97, HD61FC97, HD61FN97, HD56G786, HD52FA97, HD61FB97, HD61FH96

PK-CL120UAA for models: HD65S998 & HD58S998

We carry a full line of First Quality, High Bright, Osram Brand DLP, LCOS & RP-LCD Replacement Lamps. All lamps come with a 6 Month replacement warranty. Toshiba has a 1 Year Warranty. Just bring your housing into the shop, we will take care of the rest.

Toshiba Lamps

$134.99, 1 Year Warranty Available

72620067 for models: 42HM66 50HM66 56HM66 62HM116
23311153A for models: 62HM95 46HM95 52HM95 62HM195 62MX195 56HM195 72HM195 46HMX85 72MX195 62HMX95 52HMX95 62HM15A 62HM85 52HM85 56MX195

23311083A for models: 46HM84 46HM94 52HMX94 62HM14 62HM15 52HM84 

72514011 for models: 50HM66 56HM66 56HMX96 56HM16 50HMX96

75008204 for models: 50HM66 50HM67 50HMX96 56HM16 56HM66 56HMX96 57HM167 65HM117 65HM167

72514012 for models: 62HM116 62HM196 62MX196 72HM196 72MX196

72782309 for models: 44HM85
AZ684001 for models: 44NHM84 

Mitsubishi Lamps

$79.99, 6 Month Warranty.

915P020010 for models: WD-62DL5, WD-52525, WD-62525, WD-62825, WD-62327, WD-52327, WD-52825, WD-62725, WD-52725
915P026010 for models: WD-62628, WD-62627, WD-52628
915P027010 for models: WD-62827, WD-62927, WD-73727, WD-73827, WD-73927
915P028010 for models: WD-52527, WD-62527, WD-52528, WD-62528, WD-52526, WD-62526
915P043010 for models: WD-62531, WD-62530, WD-62531
915P049010 for models: WD-57731, WD-57732, WD-65731, WD-52631, WD-65732, WD-Y57, WD-Y65  
915P049020 for models: WD-57831, WD-65831, WD-73732, WD-73831
915P061010 for models: WD-57733, WD-57734, WD-57833, WD-65733, WD-65734, WD-65833,  WD-73733, WD-73734, WD-73833, WD-C657, WD-Y577 & WD-Y657 
915B403001 for models: WD-60735, WD-60C8, WD-65735, WD-65736, WD-65835, WD-65C8, WD-73735, WD-73736, WD-73835, 
WD-73C8, WD-73C9, WD-60737, WD-65737, WD-73737, WD-82737, WD-60C9, WD-65C9, WD-65837, WD-73837 & WD-82837
WDV65000LP for models: WD-65000 & WD-65100 ​

Ableman TV & Electronics Service

LCD, LED & Plasma TV Repair

Panasonic Lamps

$79.99, 6 Month Warranty.

TY-LA1000 for models: PT44LCX65, PT50LCX64, PT52LCX35, PT60LC14, PT60LC13, PT52LCX65,  PT52LCX15B, PT43LC14,PT61LCX65, PT50LC13, PT50LC14, PT61LCX35, PT60LCX64, PT50LCX63, PT60LCX63, PT43LCX64

TY-LA1500 for models: PT40LC12, PT45LC12

TY-LA2004 for models: PT50DL54J, PT60DL54J

TY-LA2005 for models: PT61DLX75, PT56DLX75K, PT56DLX25

TY-LA2006 for models: PT61DLX76, PT56DLX76, PT61DLX26

Special Order

$159.99, 6 Month Warranty

TY-LA1001 for models: PT56LCX16, PT52LCX66, PT56LCX66, PT61LCX66, PT52LCX16



Sony Lamps

$79.99, 6 Month Warranty.

XL2000 for models: KF-60DX100
XL2100 for models: KDF-42WE655, KF-42WE610, KF-50WE610, KF-60WE610, KDF-60XBR950, KDF-70XBR950, KDF-50WE655
XL2200 for models: KDF-55WF655, KDF-60WF655, KDF-55XS955, KDF-60XS955, KDF-E55A20,

XL2300 for models: KL-37W1U

XL2400 for models: KDF-46E2000, KDF-42E2000, KDF-55E2000, KDF-50E2000
XL2500 for models: KDF-46E2000, KDF-50E2010, KDF-50EA11, KDF-E42A10, KDF-E42A11, KDF-E50A10, KDF-E50A10PRMO,

KDF-E50A11 KDF-E50A12U, KF-42E200, KF-50E200, KF-55E200, KFE-42A10, KFE-50A10, KDF-37H1000, KDF-46E3000, KDF-50E3000,


XL5100 for models: KDS-R50XBR1
XL5200 for models: KDL-50AL120, KDS-50A3000, KDS-55A3000, KDS-60A3000, KDS-50A2020, KDS-50A2000, KDS-60A2020,


​$119.99, 6 Month Warranty

XL5000 for models: KDS-70Q006, QUALIA006

XL5300 for models: KDS-R60XBR2, KDS-R70XBR2

LG/Zenith Lamps

$79.99, 6 Month Warranty.

3110V00139B for model D60WLCDD

4930V00301A for model RU52SZ51D
6912B22002C for models: RU44SZ61D, RU52SZ51D, RU44SZ51D, RU52SZ61D
6912B22007A for models: Z52SZ80, RU44SZ63D, RU44SZ51D, 52SX4DUB, RU44SZ61D 
6912B22007B for models: 62SX4D, Z52SZ80, 52SX4D, 52SX4DUB, Z44SZ80 

6912B22010A for models: Z52DC2D, Z56DC1D, 62DC1DUC, 52DC2DUC

6912V00006C for models: E44W46LCD, RU44SZ80L, RU48SZ40, RU52SZ80L, E44W48LCD, M52W56LCD , RT52SZ31RB 

Please call ahead to check availablity. We attempt to keep all below listed lamps in stock at all times but it is always a good idea check before making the drive. 

360-694-2531 or 503-318-8854

Hitachi Lamps

$79.99, 6 Month Warranty.

UX21511  for models50V500, 60V500, 50V500A, 60V500A, 50VX500, 60VX500

UX21513 for models: 50C10, 50V715, 60V710, 42V710, 42V525, 50V500g, 60VS715, 50V710, 42V715, 50V525E, 42V515
UX21514 for models: 60VS810, 60VX915, 50VX915, 50VS810
UX21515 for models: 70VX915, 70VS810, 70VS910
UX21516 for models: 50VG825, 55VG825, 50VS810A, 50VF820, 60VG825, 55VF820, 60VS810, 60VF820
UX21517 for model  50V720
UX21518 for model  50C20
UX25951 for models
55VS69A, 62VS69, 55VS69, 65F59J, 60VS69, 62VS69A, 50VS69A 

RCA Lamps

$79.99, 6 Month Warranty.

252115 for models: L5000
260962 for models: HD50LPW42, HD61LPW162YX4, HDLP50W151YX1, HDLP50W151, HDLP61W151YX1, HDLP60W164, HDLP61W163,  HDLP50W162, HDLP61W162, HD50LPW42YX, HD61LPW42YX1, HD61LPW42YX6, HD50LPW42YX2, HD61LPW42YX2
265103 for models: HD50LPW162YX2, HD61LPW162YX2, HDLP61W151YX2, HD61LPW163, HD50LPW162YX1, HD50LPW162,
265109 for models
HD61THW263YX1, HD50THW263YX1
265866 for models
HD50LPW164YX4, D44LPW134YX1, HD50LPW165YX1, HD50LPW62AYX2PK, HD50LPW62AYX7PK, HD61LPW52YX3, HD50LPW166YX7, HD61LPW165YX1, HDLP44W165, HD61LPW164YX1, HD50LPW164YX1, HD50LPW165YX4, HD50LPW52, HD50LPW167YX2, HD44LPW165YX1, HD50LPW164YX2, HD50LPW62AYX2, HD44LPW62YXZ, D50LPW134YX1
265876 for models: SP61MD10YX1 SP50MD10YX1
265919 for models: HD61LPW165YX7, HD50LPW62AYX6PK, HD50LPW166YX6, HD61LPW62YX1, HD50LPW166YX1, HD61LPW167YX1, HD50LPW167YX1, HD44LPW62YX1, HD50LPW62AYX1
269343 for models: HD50LPW175, HD50LPW175YX1, HD61LPW175YX1
270414 for models: HD50LPW62BYX12, M50WH185YX1, M50WH72SYX1, M50WH187YX1, M50WH74SYX2, M61WH74S, M61WH74SYX1, M52WH72SYX, M50WH72SYX11, HD50LPW166YX12, M50WH74SYX1, M50WH72SYX12, M50WH72DYX1, M50WH72SYX2, HD50LPW175YX12
271326 for models: HD61LPW175YX2, HD50LPW175YX7, HD50LPW175YX2
275179 for models: M50WH92SYX1